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5 Questions To Ask Before You Retrofit Your Windows


As a licensed general contractor, operating in Salt Lake County, I have spent the last 3 years perfecting the window and door retrofitting process. Window and door retrofitting can be challenging for a number of reasons, by far the biggest issues clients have is knowing when to replace your windows and doors. The following article should give you an explanation for when Total Windows and Glass will recommends you consider replacing windows.

If you are looking to buy a home in the Salt Lake City area, you are most likely looking to purchase what we would consider a builders grade home. A builders grade home is often categorized by the features and quality of the products fixed inside the home during its initial build. This doesn’t mean the home isn’t beautiful, but oftentimes, windows and doors are purchased with the 25 year rule in mind. Essentially, the products are designed to last 25 years and any home warranty the buyers may have had will be void at that time. This saves builders and homeowners money initially, but can end up costing them in the long run.

If you are like most homeowners, you aren’t sure when it’s time to get new windows. However, if you take the time to answer these 5 questions you should have a better understanding of when you should replace your windows.


Window Rule #1 - Is the window suppose to open, and if so, does it?

Window Rule #2 Does it stay open?

Window Rule #3 Does it close all the way?

Window Rule #4 Does it Lock? *

Window Rule #5 Does it provide its most basic function, can you see through?

If you have said no to any or all of these questions it may be time to look into a new windows product.

For More information visit Total Windows and Glass and Contact a professional to answer any and all questions.


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Rex Blaylock

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5 Keys To A Quality Jump Frame Window Replacement You Won't Want to Miss

5 Keys to a Quality Jump Frame Window Replacement You Won't Want To Miss


Jump Framing your windows is a technique that has been growing in popularity since 2016. Moving into the mainstream over the last six months as the preferred method for Utah homeowners looking to replace their windows. Find out why savvy homeowners are choosing this method over others…

Window Replacement Jump Frame.JPG


1. Flush Fin Adaptor

Choose a window that comes standard with a Flush Fin adaptor. The Flush Fin adaptor is the primary design component that allows for a clean finish that will guarantee years of reliable window use.


2. Do Not Remove The Nail  Flange

The nailing flange of your window is the key component to keeping water out of your home. Water generally intrudes at the edge of the window which should be securely fastened to the siding with one and a half inch screws fastened every 8 Inches around the frame. If properly done for the first time you shouldn’t experience any leaking.

Flush Fin Adaptor For A Vinyl Window.JPG

3. Are Your Windows Already Leaking?

Caution! If your windows are already leaking this method is not for you. If so please contact us as soon as possible irreversible damage could be caused to your home. If not you shouldn’t expect to have any problems with leaking after our installation.

Patially Finished Window.JPG

4. Sealing Your New Windows

Using a two-part sealing and insulation process. We suggest you first seal your new windows to the old windows using a window sealant of your choice. We recommend a polyurethane or a silicone sealant that is applied directly to the old window. Once the window is installed we recommend foaming the window to prevent a draft. Using this two-part process, you should zero problems with your retrofit windows.

5.  Finishing the Inside

Vinyl Striping is used to cover the foam, and is then caulked to give a clean finish that is sure to make a savvy homeowner happy. This vinyl Striping is a Window Specific trim that is applied using a industrial grade adhesive to stick to the windows. Pro Tip: The Cleaner the window casing is the better the finish will be for the finished product?

Inside of a Finished Jump Frame Window.JPG


If you have any questions please click the link below and you will be directed to our website where you can find more information.



Author information

Rex Blaylock

Owner/ Operator



5 ways to help estimate the cost of your aluminum window repair

1. Identify the type of glass that is present in the window and ensure that it matches on the formal estimate that is received from the contractor. Things to consider: glass thickness, color, pattern, Tempered or not tempered glass. 

2. Send the rough sizes into the company via email, make sure to list the width then the height, this is the most common format for communicating sizes with professional window contractors. 

3. Most contractors will be more willing to work with a customer if they show some initiative. An easy way to do this is  take a few pictures of what you are looking to get done. 

4. Attach a clear request for the work you are looking to get done. Example: I have a broken aluminum window that I am looking to get replaced. The rough size of the window is 36  x 24. I do not have any information about the manufacture, but I have picture of the window,  here it is...

5. Don't be afraid to look into the company. Do research online and check their credentials, there are many unlicensed contractors out there. Make sure you don't get the wrong one. 


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6 Reason for new Vinyl Windows!

Window Replacement

Creating beautiful spaces is our specialty, with a passion for beautiful windows we believe that will a little little we can change your view from your home, one window at a time. 

6 Reasons For New Vinyl Windows  

# 1 - Your windows are difficult to open or don't open at all.
# 2 -  The glass looks dingy and is difficult to see through.
# 3  -  You are updating the siding and want a completely new exterior with upgraded vinyl or composite windows.
# 4 - You are looking to sell your home in a competitive market and new windows could help attract quality buyers.
# 5 -  Your home is equipped with out-dated, low efficiency, aluminum windows. 


5 questions to ask before you buy black-windows

Black-windows can be a beautiful addition to your home but can come at a cost. Know the risks before you purchase. 

1. You can expect to pay up to 40% more for the black-windows. Does the cost justify the aesthetics? The right window should make all the difference when it comes to building a custom home. Don't cut corners here, you'll regret it in the long run. 

2. Test your salesman, he/she should know if the windows are cap stock, (don't know what cap stock is - then you better shoot us a call?) if they don't know what cap stock is run for the hills. It can determine everything when it comes to warranties on the window. 

3. Are the windows Painted? If so, what is the warranty on the paint? 

4. Do the windows come with touch up paint? We both know your kids are going to scratch windows, but do you want to have to pay a technician to come out and fix the problem or would you rather be prepared for the problem

5. Are black windows the right fit for your climate? Black does attract heat which can damage the vinyl over time if not protect by surround trees or foliage 

If you are considering buying black-windows, please take the time call one of our skilled technicians to get all of your questions answered.


- If you are interested in seeing these black windows, they are located in the storefront of Beehive State Builders on historic 

Black Windows - Historic Lehi Main Street

Black Windows - Historic Lehi Main Street

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