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5 ways to help estimate the cost of your aluminum window repair

1. Identify the type of glass that is present in the window and ensure that it matches on the formal estimate that is received from the contractor. Things to consider: glass thickness, color, pattern, Tempered or not tempered glass. 

2. Send the rough sizes into the company via email, make sure to list the width then the height, this is the most common format for communicating sizes with professional window contractors. 

3. Most contractors will be more willing to work with a customer if they show some initiative. An easy way to do this is  take a few pictures of what you are looking to get done. 

4. Attach a clear request for the work you are looking to get done. Example: I have a broken aluminum window that I am looking to get replaced. The rough size of the window is 36  x 24. I do not have any information about the manufacture, but I have picture of the window,  here it is...

5. Don't be afraid to look into the company. Do research online and check their credentials, there are many unlicensed contractors out there. Make sure you don't get the wrong one. 


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